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Referral Special: You Give, You Get

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. And again and again: our greatest advertising is word-of-mouth.  Many of you send your friends, coworkers, and family our way and we are very, very grateful!  "Thank you" doesn't seem quite enough, however, so we have a referral program that pays.  Literally.  If you send a new student our way, you earn a free private lesson once they take their first lesson after the introductory program.  Be sure to pick up referral cards at the front desk that you can hand out (write your name on the back!) so we can give you credit!

New Student Special: The First Steps

We put this package together to give new students - beginners and seasoned dancers alike - the opportunity to get a feel for what our studio offers without investing a huge amount of time or money.
The package can be taken by individuals or couples and includes the following:

Introductory lesson:  Your instructor will give you a tour of our studio and let you know a bit about our philosophy, how we operate, and what you can expect from your experience at Tempo.  He or she will also spend time asking you specific questions and talking with you about your motivations for learning to dance and how you want to use your dance skills.  We are committed to avoiding the "cookie-cutter" approach at all costs.  Everyone comes in with different expectations, so the more we can learn about you from the start, the easier it will be for us to make the most of your time hereand develop a plan that meets your specific goals.

Private lessons: Your two private lessons are designed to get you comfortable moving to music on the dance floor while introducing you to basic steps of the dances that most interest you.

Personalized dance plan: Your teacher will prepare a detailed framework for your continued dance training at Tempo based on your specific goals and interests. Your dance plan can change at any time, especially as you are introduced to other dances that interest you.  He or she will take 15 minutes at the end of your last lesson to review the plan with you.

Group class: Group classes are an excellent way for you to get familiar with the different dances and to learn basic steps and techniques so you can spend your private lesson time refining your skills and learning more advanced steps or variations on the basics.

Dance party: Held on Friday nights, parties are great for students of all levels to enjoy an evening of dancing while getting invaluable practice time with a variety of dance partners.  Tempo instructors and advanced dancers are always available to help beginning students navigate around the dance floor in an encouraging, laid-back, and fun environment.  Parties are two hours long and feature open dancing and mixers to a wide spectrum of social dance music.  A one-hour group class is offered prior to all parties to get you moving and comfortable on the floor, and to get introduced to the other dancers.

The cost for the package is $130 for an individual or $150 for a couple.

Stop by the studio or call us at (608) 833-3320 to get started!

find your rhythm.